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Tillandsia & KUBE by ODD STANDARD

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We have collaborated with ODD STANDARD to showcase these beautiful air plants in their bespoke KUBE product.

KUBE is a chunky stoneware cube with a volume that can be used as a small bowl as well as to hold our air plants. They come in a range of colours - pink, dusty yellow, warm white and mint green (coming soon).

KUBE made by roughly compressed clay in a very defined shape. They are individually handmade in a mould, which means they are all different in texture and roughness.

KUBE measures approximately 6 * 6 * 6 cm. The indent has a volume of approximately 30 cl. The top and the indent is glazed, while the sides and bottom are unglazed and polished. Dishwasher safe.


Light: Bright, indirect

Tillandsia care spray
This product includes food supplements and water for the Tillandsia products. We recommend you to use this air plants care spray. Use the tillandsia care spray once a week and spray the Tillandsia softly.

It is also possible to use normal drinking water for the care of the Tillandsia. We advise you to spray the water with a plant sprayer. Use the waterspray softly once a week to spray your air plants.

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